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PLEASE NOTE: 2018 is the last season for our NASCAR Fantasy League. After 22 seasons of running this league, The Commish has decided that it's time to take it easy.

League members, welcome to the NASCAR Fantasy League Headquarters. These pages are devoted specifically to our league. From here you will be able to see the current league standings and other stats pertaining to the league.

Las Vegas marks the start of our league's The Playoff for the Pitiful. You are eligible if your team is not in the Top 17 or The Sorry Seven winner. The eligible teams (all eight drivers) are ranked by the total points scored during the last ten races. The highest ranking team wins the $50 bonus.

Playoff for the Pitiful was added to the menu. Hover over League Stats to see it.

Reminder: We do not adjust points for the drivers that are in the Playoffs. We continue to add up year-to-date points. Playoff Drivers was added to the menu to see year-to-date points.

Scoring at Homestead
The Homestead race will run like all other races, with three stages and stage points awarded at the conclusion of the first two. However, the four championship drivers will not receive stage points. The highest running championship driver at the end of the race is the Champion.

In fairness to the teams that have any of the championship drivers, we will not use the stage points awarded to any driver at Homestead. We will use only the finish points awarded at the end of the race – 40 for 1st, 39 for 2nd … 1 for 40th.

Let's Go Racin'!!!
The Commish

Race Schedules

Saturday, November 17
 (Xfinity Series)
Sunday, November 18
 (Monster Energy Series)